- Hennepin Theater Trust, Energy: Made Here

Showcase #118 information, December 2017 - Click for Article

- Emily Maple, Altered Aesthetics, 3-D Art Exhibition,

Southern Theater, November, 2015 - Click for Article

Refilled - 2nd Place Award

2018 - Pure Imagination Exhibition

Art League of Lincoln - Spotlight Gallery

Lincoln, California

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Cubed - People's Choice Award

2016 - Transitions Exhibition

Franklin Art Center, Resident Artist Gallery

Brainerd, Minnesota

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Magic Box - 3rd Place Award

2016 - Recycled, Repurposed, Recovered

AD Gallery, University of North Carolina

Pembroke, North Carolina

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- Sarah Witman, Function in Constant Flux, Tone Madison,

5th paragraph, June, 2016 - Click for Article

Magic Box, Cubed, Bread Box - Director's Award

2017 - Reclaim, Proclaim Exhibition

WHAM West Gallery

Surprise, Arizona

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Awards & Bibliography for Jayson Randall

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Bibliography of Media for Jayson Randall

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- Art League of Lincoln, Pure Imagination Exhibition

promotional video; Refilled at 0:40, June, 2018 - Click for Video

- Maggie Rose McGurk, Fun looking at the Art League of Lincoln exhibit,

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