When I close my eyes, I see bright colors.

Natural flowing interactive forms and the interplay of light and shadow inspire me. I am intrigued by the colors in nature that I can reproduce by experimenting with different techniques and mediums.

I escape through the lens of my paintings, and enjoy a sense of distraction. The smallest slice of solitude can nourish the soul and bring a sense of levity.

Rather than depictions of actual scenes, my paintings are representations of images etched into memory.

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Discarded machines call out as they are encountered. A story is told of when their hard work was integral to the function of humanity; their service is no longer required.
The combination of mysterious forms with common human interactions and the relationship between useful and forgotten is explored. 
The industrial aesthetic of the rescued machine is maintained as it is transformed into a modern, interactive electronic sculpture. Original control knobs and switches are reused to operate the new functions of the sculpture.

Constructing the internal support structure from sheet metal allows for

experimental controlled-release illumination.

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Jayson Randall is an artist currently residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he creates innovative works of art for which he has received several awards.

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Jayson Randall does not participate in the use of Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. Jaysonrandall.com is the official source for information about artist Jayson Randall.

Artist Jayson Randall


Innovative Art and Sound