This experimental project is a collaboration between Jayson Randall and Heather Friedli for the 5th Annual Co-Lab Exhibition and Auction at the Show Gallery in St. Paul, MN, September 2019.

An Auspex is a prognosticator that interprets omens derived from the observation of birds.

Jayson Randall designed and built an interactive arcade style machine that allows the painting to be played and experienced as if it were a video game.

Housed in a full-size arcade game cabinet, a painted scroll can be unfurled to view different parts of the story by using the joystick on the front panel.

Jayson used actual eagle song recordings to enhance the interactive experience of Auspex.

Heather Friedli painted a 20' long fabric scroll that features bird patterns to depict the "Seven Fires Prophecy".

The scroll is painted with regular fabric dye as well as ultra-violet dye, which glows when illuminated by UV black-light.

As the scenes on the scroll pass through the viewing screen, manipulation of the multiple lighting buttons on the front panel, reveal hidden aspects of the story that cannot be seen with regular lighting.

Overall size: 72”H x 26”W x 36”D

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