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Innovative Art and Sound

Item number: G15-JTR-01

Magic Box

Originally this was a 1940's ATR Manufacturing Co. Inc. Rectifier Power Supply Model 610C-ELIF. This classic machine now features an amplified stereo MP3 player, dual 3.5" full dynamic range speakers and a remote controlled, interactive, LED light source. Magic box radiates light from an interactive, multicolored source, that reacts to sonic energy. Music from the internal MP3 player alters the color of light that Magic Box displays. Constructing the internal support structure from sheet metal allows for
experimental controlled-release illumination. The original voltage control knob, on the front panel, is now used to adjust the MP3 volume.

Magic Box works with any type of smartphone or Ipod. 

Unit measures 8"H x 6.5"W x 8"D.

Private collection.

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