Jayson Randall
Innovative Art and Sound


re(center)ed is a large-scale, interactive, community healing project by experimental artist
Jayson Randall, which will be presented as a part of the Art Shanty Projects Festival on
Lake Harriet / Bde Unma in Minneapolis, Minnesota from January 21 thru February 12, 2023.

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Over the past few years, the people of Minnesota, and the city of Minneapolis in particular, have been at the center of the social change that has swept across the country and around the world.
Covid has also cut a tragic path through the state of Minnesota.
Many people did not have the opportunity to properly mourn the passing of a loved one or even
to say "Good Bye".

The unresolved pain and sadness of the past few years continues to cause problems as the people
of the city and state begin to rebuild their lives and create a new, better future, for everyone.

re(center)ed is intended to be a safe space where guests are encouraged to share their own story as the community starts to collectively heal and rid themselves of grief and negative energy.


re(center)ed is a project with two main parts.

Part one of the project is a 42' long serpentine wall structure.

The undulating design of the wall creates bays of isolation, which allow guests a place for
quiet thought and reflection. A ribbon of silver steel, visually, pulls together the hundreds of wooden contemplation placards that hang on the walls of the structure. The wooden placards allow guests to record their own individual stories of grief and sorrow.

Part two of the project is a release pyre.

The contemplation placards, containing the collective and individual grief of the guests and the community, will be removed from the wall and destroyed by flame in the pyre.
The upward drifting smoke, produced as the fire consumes the placards, will release the burden of grief and sorrow as the guests and the community become re(center)ed.

Community Healing Project
by experimental artist Jayson Randall 

Art Shanty Projects
Lake Harriet Bandshell Park
4135 W Lake Harriet Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55409

January 21 thru February 12, 2023

This event is free and open to the public.

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For more information
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