Jayson Randall
Innovative Art and Sound


Refilled is a conceptual work of art utilizing over 1000 individual pieces and is made entirely of reclaimed materials.

The sculpture consists of a satellite dish receiving a simulated electronic transmission beam, which glows from a multicolored, interactive light source.

The 72" long freestanding beam is composed of several hundred interlocking prescription pill bottles of varying size.

Each individual pill bottle contains a unique modern relic.

Refilled radiates light that reacts to sonic energy, ambient sounds alter the color of light that is displayed.

Constructing the internal support structure from sheet metal and acrylic allows for experimental controlled-release illumination.

Refilled is mounted on a 36" x 36" base of stained black oak.

Overall size: 96"H x 36"W x 36"D

Private collection.

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