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Sparkle Turtle

Originally this unit was a 1950's Precision Electronics Inc. Signal Tracer model 202.    

This vintage instrument now features an amplified stereo MP3 player, dual 3" full dynamic range speakers, and a remote controlled interactive, multicolored LED light source.

Sparkle Turtle radiates light that reacts to music from the internal MP3 player, which alters the color of light that is displayed.

The internal support structure is constructed of reflective treated wood which allows for experimental controlled release illumination.

The original gain adjustment knob, on the front panel, is now used to control the MP3 volume.

Sparkle Turtle works with any type of Ipod or smartphone (not included).

Comes complete with 6' stereo cord, (2)5Vdc adapters, IR remote control.

Unit measures 9"H x 12"W x 6"D.

Price: $400

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