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Totemic Shift

Totemic Shift is a large scale outdoor sculpture that explores the concept of change as it relates to the human experience.

Just as a tectonic shift moves pieces of the Earth in a dramatic and sudden upheaval, Totemic Shift is intended to alter the way people fundamentally view themselves and those around them.

Recycled cedar fence panels and sheet metal were used to create the 15' tall structure, which features 48 interlocking triangles that range in size from 50" at the base to 14" at the apex.

144 custom built sheet metal corner brackets and metal highlights on the wood reflect the light, which  draws the viewer's eyes upward to create a sense of renewal.

At night, hidden aspects of Totemic are revealed as solar powered lighting illuminates the sculpture.

Overall size:

15' Tall

6' x 6' Wide at the base

14" x 14" Wide at the apex